Cloverleaf Farm is an organic farm nestled in the scenic Lakes Regions in beautiful Effingham, NH. Our main passion is creating all natural organic herbal body care and medicinal herbal products for the whole family. Visit us for consultations, classes...

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1546 Province Lake Rd
For over 210 years our farm has graced the quaint neighborhood known locally as “Taylor City”. Taylor City comprises two states, two counties, and two towns,

Cloverleaf Farm has had many generations walk through the house and fields. It has a long and rich history, and we are proud to be a part of it.

We grow and sell our own organic produce at our farm stand in Effingham as well as our own eggs and popular natural foods.

Cloverleaf Farm also produces a number of natural health products. These items are made fresh and do not contain preservatives. This assures high quality optimal healing benefits. We use only natural and certified organic chemical preservatives, fillers or artificial fragrances...ever.

Also check out our online herbal encyclopedia of knowledge. It describes the health benefits and side effects of using plants to promote health.